It has been a beautiful day, a few clouds and mild temperatures and a sweet breeze to give things a lift. Our weekend outing was to the grand opening of a local Tractor Supply Company store. My husband and I both grew up on farms and enjoyed the exibit of old farm tractors owned by local farmers. Some were show tractors, but one at least is still used to cultivate the land. We had a nice chat with the farmer who owns it about the weather and farming. After checking out the store we grabbed a bite to eat before heading home. Nothing exciting, just a nice little shopping trip.

I spent to better part of the afternoon attempting to get video footage and/or still pictures of hummingbirds. I ran my camera battery down and of course after I put it on charge, more and more hummers showed up. I’ll try again tomorrow. I did get some neat footage of gold finches on a feeder, a hummingbird sitting on a tree branch, and a baby rabbit who was just passing through our yard.

The remainder of the evening we have been sitting on the front porch watching the birds and small animals and listening to mourning doves cooing in the distance. It has been a peaceful day. It has been a good day.