The other day I was talking to a friend of mine about my daily routine. “You never get any me time, do you?”, she asked. I was startled for a moment, then replied that I guess I did. I told her that I get some by blogging in the middle of the night, or when I tend the garden. That wasn’t what she meant though. Even then, I’m “on call” and paying close attention to my husband and how he is doing.

Yesterday I took a personal day off from work. (Probably not a wise decision in these economic times.) I spent part of the afternoon in my yard and garden with my video camera taking movies of the flowers and vegetables. I spent the rest of the evening into the wee hours of this morning playing with my footage in the attempt to edit and make a cute movie, perhaps to share.

I don’t think my husband liked it very much that I “ignored” him. I kept an eye on things and never devoted 100% of my mind to the computer, but he felt ignored. I think he may have even gone to bed a little miffed that I had taken a day off and didn’t take him anywhere or work at entertaining him.

He has the weekend planned with where he wants to go and what he wants to  do. I don’t think it has ever occurred to him that lifting his wheelchair is murder on my back and there are days when my back hurts anyway (like today) that I just don’t want to lift it. Usually I guilt myself into doing it anyway. He is stuck here at home and does need to get out some.

But I did get some “me” time yesterday. It was kinda nice.