After deciding I really did need some “me time” and taking a long weekend, I woke up this morning to the realization that it IS Monday and I have to return to work and the mundane world, again.

At my age and with the hard physical work I’ve done all my life, I often awaken with arthritis pain in every joint, with the added topping of carpal tunnel pain in my right hand and arm. This is one of those days. However, I know that moving around the cottage and a few cups of strong coffee will help, so I’m not to worried…just annoyed.

I have spent time this weekend in prayer for friends in need of divine assistance. These are Christian friends of mine, some know my religious beliefs others do not. One gentleman I have never met, but I know his wife from FaceBook, another is a friend on FB who is riding an emotional roller coaster right now (been there, done that), another is a neighbor who is battling cancer. I spoke with him Saturday afternoon. The chemo is getting him down and he sounded really tired and at the verge of giving up. I pray many times a day for these folks and for my own husband. I pray often for others, members of my family, friends, the country I love, and sometimes I even toss in a request for me.

When I pray I always let the Deity I am praying to know first and foremost, that I honor and praise them. It just doesn’t seem right to start out requesting something without at first letting them know that you realise that they are all powerful and are the only ones you know can help. My thoughts, just my thoughts.

I am fighting hard to hold off a sense of impending doom for our great nation. With every news report and new program our government proposes, that feeling grows stronger. I have written to representatives, as have others, and they take no heed to our wishes. I fear my great-grandchildren will never know the county of freedom and opportunity I have enjoyed. It makes me sad to feel this way. It makes me glad I am old. I won’t have to live that many years under the changes that are taking place. I won’t have many years to yearn for the United States that once was.

But, its Monday and I have chores to do and it won’t be many hours until time to go to work. Monday, again.