Today, well it’s after midnight so technically, yesterday, was a fairly normal day. I worked really hard at suppressing worry and anxiety and got a few things done. The work-night went by fairly quickly and was uneventful.

I had taken my cat, Tigger, to the vet Monday and left him. His bladder difficulties had returned and his life was like one of those “going / growing problem” ads on tv. The vet called this morning to say it was a recurrence of a bladder infection he had earlier this month. He was giving him antibiotics and would keep him until tomorrow for observation. Tigger comes home in the morning and I know he will be glad to be home. We will sure be glad to have him back. He is a baby-doll of a cat.

My nerves have settled down tremendously. I still have “moments” but tell myself to chill. I promise that when this is all settled I will write in great detail about it. Right now, I’m just keeping it to myself to see how things go. I fear my situation is not an isolated incident and if so, the blogosphere and world needs to know so others will be aware that it can happen to them. When that day arrives, the post will have the case in a big headline and I will do all I can do to see that the word gets out.

As for now, it is almost 1 a.m. and a gentle rain is falling on my mountain home. The cats are gathering around, giving me the look that means “put away the computer and lets go to bed.” I think they have the right idea.

Until next time, be blessed.