When faced with adversity we often look outward for help. Many times another person or professional is where we need to turn to get the assistance we need. This can be a good friend, a physician, attorney, clergy, or another who has the experience or expertise the situation requires.

We all also have a still, soft voice inside that we can turn to for guidance. This is our spiritual voice. It can vary according to ones faith or belief system. Still, whatever you believe and whatever God or Goddess you worship, that voice is there.

In my faith we believe in a God and Goddess. Duality, male and female, as necessary for all life and existence. I pray to both. In my mind there are some things better suited to the God’s particular powers and still other things best handled by the Goddess Herself. In some instances the situation is so complicated and convoluted that I ask each to lend a hand to assure the outcome is the correct one for me.

Sometimes the correct outcome for me is not even anything I had imagined. Sometimes, in Their attempt to have me grow in knowledge, wisdom, and faith it is not an outcome I would have wanted. Still, it is the correct one for me at that time.

In my faith, Wicca, we believe that the Goddess and God are present in each of us and in everything else in the Universe as well. They are not in some far-away place where we will someday get to go. They are here, inside and all around us, now and always. Their voices are the whispers heard on the wind, the warmth of the sun on your face, the sound of rain on the leaves during a summer shower. They can be heard in the sound of waves breaking against the shore, a roaring waterfall, a babbling brook deep in the forest. Always and forever they are around and inside us, for we are Their children.

They guide us and push us gently in the right direction, never dragging us behind them as unruly children (although we often are), but encouraging us to try new things, to fall and get up again, to learn and grow.

As a part of us, they are always with us. All we have to do sometimes is look inside.