I arrived at the lawyers office 10 minutes before my scheduled appointment. I believe in being on time. On my way in I realized the office was not wheelchair accessible. Not a good thing if I have to bring Jim over, I thought, but that could be worked around if necessary. An automatic buzzer sounded as I walked into the old home that serves as his office. No one was at the desk, but I expected the secretary to respond to the buzzer and took a seat.

I waited and the time for my appointment came and went. Finally, the secretary came in and told me the Mr. “Blank” was at lunch and should return shortly. She again disappeared to a back room. I continue to wait.

As I waited, I thought about all the people who were praying that things would go well and that an attorney could quickly solve my problem. I began to look around the office more carefully, just to pass the time. The furnishings were beautiful antiques from the Victorian era. They were dusty. There was clutter spilling from adjoining rooms. The secretaries’ desk was dusty. The carpet needed vacuumed and was very dirty. It had not been cleaned in a long time.

My inner voice said to me, “WalksAlone, you have let your home become cluttered like this and you know how hard it is to find anything. You know how disorganized the clutter has made life become. Looking at this, do you want to turn over something this important to this man and this office?” My answer was “no” and I quietly got up and left 20 minutes after my appointment time.

The next day I again got out the trusty phone book and called a different attorney’s office. The phone was answered on the second ring, I spoke to a very nice receptionist who then put one of the attorney’s on the phone. He assured me he can help me. This time I asked and learned the office is wheelchair accessible.

I visit this attorney next week and feel a lot more confident than I did while waiting for that other meeting. My inner voice has calmed down. The prayers of all my friends and my own were answered in an unexpected way. I believe they headed me toward a much better person to handle my issue and achieve a positive outcome.