I dropped out of school in the ninth grade. I had four children that I struggled to raise, sometimes in conditions that would be more at home in a third world country instead of the United States. I read and studied on my own all my life and at 30 got my GED and at 40 gained admission to college with better test scores than high school graduates of that year.

I grabbed my bootstraps and pulled myself up from welfare and poverty to home ownership and a decent life. My children are productive members of society with honest jobs and are making it own their own, supporting their families without assistance from the State.

My children and I know that nobody will do it for you, you have to take responsibility and help yourself. We lived it and we know it is true.

At least it was true in the America I grew up in. Nowadays, it seems people are conditioned to expect someone to do everything for them.  I think it starts when children are small and parents aren’t allowed to discipline and teachers are “friends” instead of authority figures. In the role of Mama AND Daddy in my household, I was both comforter and disciplinarian. I put the “fear of God and Mama” into my children early. It doesn’t seem to have hurt them too much.

The United States that had the opportunity out there for me is crumbling away. It is on the way to becoming something I do not recognise. A place where individualism and the desire to succeed are punished instead of rewarded. A place where your life from birth to when you are considered to no longer be a productive citizen is going to be determined by the government.

I am horrified at the path our leaders are taking us down. I am angry that the opportunity I had and the will to take it are being stripped away. I am afraid for my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren for they will not live in the same great nation I grew up in, struggled in and that let me succeed beyond my wildest dreams.

God and Goddess Bless America and be with Her, for She is in dire need of your help.