In response to any of my readers who want more information on the links I have followed and the information I have read about the proposed health-care bill and my concerns as to the end result; I am posting some links. A doctor’s remarks on the health care bill.  PDF of VA Life Choices Booklet recently in the news.

The text of the actual Bill below. Please pay attention to the Section noted, it gives them real-time access to our banking and financial records. IF you care to muddle through the legal gobble-de-gook, it is worth while to at least scan the entire document. There is more to it than “just” health care. AND….the country can’t afford this!!! IF you read it, you will be way ahead of our representatives who are going to vote on it…they have not read it and they will not be forced to use the plan…they have their own plan, even after retirement, funded by you and I.