No, not in this woman’s opinion. Remember earlier this year when we all were stunned by the cell phone videos of the riots in Iran after the rigged election? These citizens were connecting with each other over the Internet and social networking sites, especially Twitter, to keep informed and arrange protests. The Iranian government was doing its best to shut down their ability to communicate, but the students were always one step ahead. Their protests still continue, but have faded from the news due to more pressing events at home.  Maybe the mainstream media and our government realized we were learning from what we saw on our televisions.

During this time of growing disenchantment with our “leaders” and discontent over spending, huge deficits, legislation we do not want, and pending tax burdens; grass root movements are springing up all over the Internet for people who want to share their frustration, plan tea-parties and other protests, attend town hall meetings, and keep abreast with what is really happening out here in the real United States.

The proposed legislation reported here would give the President the legal ability to shut down the Internet in the event of an “emergency”, which I suppose could be a cyber attack;  or could also be the efforts of angry citizens to organise a protest. This would be censorship to the nth degree. Do we really want any president or member of the government to have the ability to silence the American people?