When I began my quest to learn more about what is actually going on in our country and government I never dreamed the journey would take me to the places it has. When I started this blog as a place to talk about my spirituality and daily happenings and concerns, I never dreamed it would turn into a political venue.

When I started posting my thoughts on political concerns, I even thought of starting a new blog for that purpose. Then I realized that my daily life, spirituality, and the fate of our nation are so intertwined that to do so would be impossible. I would end up with partial thoughts on each blog. So the WalksAlone’s Blog stands as the venue for all the things mentioned, and as time goes on probably more.

I have and will continue to share links and information here. I will continue to voice my opinion on the state of our country. I will continue to post my thoughts on my religion and other more person items that I feel may be of help to someone. (If I only help one person with my ramblings, then I have been successful.)

My life has taken many twists and turns. I have never been privileged. I am self-educated, and I’m sure it shows. I am a very small cog in the wheel of this country. I have been a liberal thinker in my younger days. I was a wanta-be flower child. (Living in the rural South, there was no real opportunity to tune out and turn on like in the big cities.) I was a wanta-be VietNam War protester, but there were no protests to attend in my area. I have lived on the fringe of the mainstream, I have worked and I have been on Welfare. I didn’t like Welfare, the State has too much control of your life. I got off as soon as I could (only a few years there). I have risen to the top of a profession, I have sunk to doing whatever job I could get, legally, to survive.

I am in my late 50’s and have the ability to say I’ve been there and done that to many things. Life has on average been good. When it was not good, it was at least interesting.

At this point I am researching what is going on in the United States before and after the “Chosen One” took office. I am learning many things I did not know. I am trying to assimilate this information into my understanding of where the current mess came from (way, way before the Bush Administration and he didn’t help matters).

Bear with me and I will try to explore and share with you what I find. It may be current events, it may be a golden oldie that assisted in the catastrophe we face today. It may be a cry out to my Deities for help.

I walk alone and I walk together with all my fellow patriots, a paradox that I’m learning applies to many in these troubling times.

Be Blessed.