I have a vision of the future that keeps slipping into my minds eye.

In this vision, my husband and I are spending most of our time in the basement of our home. It is that room where we have the wood stove. In earlier years that old stove had served us well in power outages when lack of electricity made heating the upper floor impossible. In the times of my vision, Cap and Trade has kicked in and electricity has become extremely expensive. The cost of everything else has skyrocketed as well. We are on a fixed income and are having to “make do”.

The woodland behind our home provides small limbs and wood that can be used to heat  the room and warm up a meal. My ability as a girl raised by a family of hunters enables us to have fresh meat on occasion. Maybe a squirrel or rabbit that happens into my traps.  We have to be careful and not let anyone know we are partaking of the wildlife, since the wild life activists and green earth folks have outlawed hunting.

We stay to ourselves, fearful of our safety. We carefully guard the weapons and ammunition we managed to hide from the environmental corps when they came to check our home for environmental impact and energy efficiency. We plan to use the weapons if we are attacked or if the government housing agency decides we no longer qualify to live in the home we bought and worked so hard to pay for. We are getting older and it has already happened to some of our friends. They had to go live with their children so a family of younger people who could work in the Dear Leader’s factories could have their home. We will not give up our home without a fight. Why worry about dying, we are too  old to qualify for health care anyway.

We cry for our grand and great-grandchildren. They are being forced to work jobs that the Dear Leader deems they should. They have no choice in what they are allowed to do. The family has been scattered like leaves in the wind, because the government has decided that they need to be working these jobs in locations the government decides.

Big families like we were part of are no more. Forced birth control, abortions, and sterilization are now the law of the land. In the interest of the natural environment, families are separated and children are no longer a blessing, but a curse. Many women hide pregnancies and put children adrift, like Moses, in the hopes a childless family will take them in. Babies born handicapped are no longer cherished, but much like the customs of the ancient Spartans, are allowed to die and leave room for healthier babies. We have no place for children who will not be productive.

The country we grew up in and lived in for most of our lives lives on in the stories we tell the youngest children. We caution them not to repeat the stories to others. Maybe someday they will remember.

It is my greatest hope and prayer that this vision does not come to pass.

If it does, the dreams of our Founding Fathers lasted little more than two centuries. A very brief period in history. The grand experiment that held out so much hope for all peoples will have failed.

It is up to all of us, we citizens of the United States, no matter our skin color or religious beliefs, or station in life to take action and protect our republic. It is up to us, we who are alive and able to stop the take over of our government and way of life to stand up and do so. Ask questions and demand answers. Vote and create change that will be to return us to our founding principles, the government by, of and for the PEOPLE that made this country the greatest in the world.