The problems we are facing as a nation have not been brought on by either political party. The problems are the result of corruption. Corrupt politicians in all levels of government, local, state and federal have sold their souls to the devil. In this instance the “devil” is special interests, labor unions, big corporations, etc.

To “throw out” one party and elect members of another will not work. That has been done often enough with no improvement. We need to support those people (rare as they seem to be) who are honest, who have principles and values in line with those of our founding fathers.

We as citizens must conduct our own vetting process of those who would seek election in this country. Anyone who runs for political office needs the same investigation and research as we would conduct in choosing someone to care for our children.

It is now apparent that the press is no longer willing to conduct investigations and report the true character and associations of those who would be our leaders. In this electronic information based time in which we live; we all have the ability to investigate and research anyone and any organization. It is our duty to do so.

Once we have gathered the information, the same computers and internet connections can be the means of distributing our findings to our friends, neighbors and community. Only then, by circumventing the mainstream media, will we learn the truth about candidates and incumbent politicians. Only then will we have the information at hand to make informed decisions.

I am all for “throwing the bums out” but let’s all make the commitment that we don’t replace one set of bums with another. Let’s all research and share information so as to make wise choices in 2010 and future elections. Our very freedom depends on it.