“I do solemnly swear that I will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

I stood at Shaw AFB and watched my husband take that oath as he was sworn in to a branch of the Air Force known as the Retired Reserves. The Retired Reserve is made up of officers and enlisted personnel who receive pay after retiring from active duty or from the Reserve, or are Reservists awaiting retirement pay at age 60. In case of a severe national emergency, these reservists are subject to being called to active duty to handle non-combat duties. This was the last AF Unit my husband was in at the end of a career devoted to defending the United States.

That same oath is taken by the President, Vice-president, and members of the Congress and Senate.

For over 40 years, from Airman to Master Sergeant in the Air Force, while serving in the Nevada Air National Guard, AF Reserves, and finally the AF Retired Reserves, my husband took that oath at every reenlistment. He has held it in his heart and walked the walk of a patriotic American.

My husband, and millions more like him, have lived and died defending that oath and our country.

Why is it now, that the very President of the United States, and the members of our Congress and Senate: men and women, who stand before God and swear the same oath, do not take it seriously?

If they are not willing to devote themselves to upholding the oath, if they are not willing or able to “protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States” then why are they there? Why? Why are they allowed day after day to make a mockery of the oath my husband so proudly took, and devoted his life to?

Disabled and confined to a wheelchair in his “golden years” my husband watches the news and reads the paper and becomes more and more depressed at what he sees happening to his beloved country. He sees the oath being made a mockery of by the very man who would have been his Commander in Chief.

We all see what is happening. We all see the “advisors” of questionable backgrounds and character surrounding the President. We all see the greed and corruption. We all see the Oath of Office being ignored for personal power and financial gain.

I think all of us, the everyday people of the United States, need to face the flag and our creator and repeat the oath ourselves, and then go out and to the best of our abilities preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.