OK, so today is my birthday. Wow! I have to pinch myself sometimes to realize I have actually made it this far on this plane of existence. I have beaten some heavy odds along the way. I mean, there was a big chance for many years that I would be murdered . . . become another statistic of spousal abuse.

I got away.

I’ve had good opportunities that I squandered. I’ve had some bad opportunities that I leaped into without a second thought.

Born under a Cardinal Grand Cross, my biggest battles have always been with myself. I’m a fierce adversary. I fight the battles, win some and lose some. Shoot myself in the foot some. Then I get up, dust myself off and go on. Often, with a sense of wonderment: life can be an adventure when you are pulled in all four directions at once.

I have lived 58 years on this planet on my current journey. If I lived no more than this it would be quite a story. If I live to an old age, the chapters of the story will no doubt become even more convoluted. The ending is yet unwritten. It is a mystery.

To all who have touched me on my journey I give my thanks. To those I have touched, I hope it was for the good.

Now, at the ending of this, my 58th birthday, I bow to the Four Directions and begin an attempt to draw them to the center.

Wish me luck, for I will need it.