Sometimes I have a conflict of interest with my husband of nearly 20 years. Today he wants to go to a knife and gun show. I don’t. Now in earlier times that would not have been a conflict of interest, because he could have just gone on and done what he wished and I could have snuggled up with a good book.

These days, with his disability, he can’t go to the gun show alone. I have to take him. It creates a conflict for us both. He never wants to do anything that goes against my wishes. I never want to do anything that goes against his. So, you see, this has the makings of an interesting day.

If he still wants to, we’ll go to the show. I’ll probably have fun, since I’m a tom-boy from the get-go. I may even find a little curved bladed knife like I’ve been wanting for so long.

Yep, I think I can talk myself into going and having fun. Maybe it won’t be a conflict of interest after all.


The cold weather we are having has made the outing a no-go. It’s just too cold for our old bones.