There was neither rhyme nor reason to my starting so many blogs; none, zilch, nada. I did it though and then when things started getting hectic around here (work, weather, sick cats, work, spring, and did I mention work) I fell behind on them all.

I have a job that is thankless, dirty, smelly, and is on the “off” shift with hours that put me out of sync with the rest of humanity. I call my hours the “off” shift, because I go in to work when everyone else is getting “off” work. Plus, you have to be a little “off” to work those hours. You also have to be a little “off” to work where I do at times, but that’s another post. Stuck between the hour’s normal people work and the dreaded graveyard shift, mine is definitely “off”.

However, being willing to work the “off” shift gives one job security. Most people who end up on the “off” shift want “off” of it as soon as possible. It limits time with children and spouses, destroys that part of the day when normal people go out and do things together, eliminates watching the good shows on television, and generally puts you “off” in another world.

Since I’m “off” work in the mornings, I started blogging to help pass the time and since you need some down time between getting “off” the “off” shift and going “off” to bed; I started blogging at night, too. I guess I’m a little “off” after all.

Then I got behind on my posting. Horrors! How did that happen? Did I get turned “off” on blogging? Not a chance. Did I go “off” on a tangent? Possibly, we’ve already established that I’m a little bit “off”, so that could definitely happen. . .

Right now though, I’m going to get “off” the computer and head “off” to get some sleep. The clock will not go “off” in the morning, however, because you can wake up whenever you want when you work the “off” shift.