I just took 5 days off work. I entered into this vacation with a mental list of what I was to accomplish around my home.

The first day I did necessary things, I ran errands and some basic housecleaning. Things that weren’t on my list but had to be done.

On the second day we were blessed by a visit from friends. We had a blast!

On the third day, hubby and I made the rounds of stores in our area, getting necessary items to be sure, but also letting him get out of the house for awhile. I did a couple more small things from the list, along with those pesky “necessary” things.

Yesterday was the fourth day. It was also the Fourth of July, and I just didn’t want to get down and dirty with some of those bigger chores from my list. I had ribs to barbecue and fireworks to watch and besides, I just felt lazy.

Today is day five and its back to work tomorrow. The basement is still in disarray, the walls still aren’t washed, and so on (you get the picture). So I have been mentally beating myself up about my lack of motivation. Or I was until late yesterday when I was talking to my granddaughter. I mentioned my list and my frustration at myself.

“But, Grandma,” she said, “You are on vacation. You work so much and are so busy all the time, you needed to rest.”

That made me start thinking that maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I do have a lot to do that is necessary on any given day before heading off to my job. I work from 8 to 10 hours a day on said job. For the rest of the year it will probably be 9 – 10 hours a day, and weekends. Provided the economy allows it, that is.

All the big jobs that really do need to be done can be broken down into smaller pieces and done a little at a time. There are no basement police waiting to barge in and give me a ticket for clutter. (And it isn’t as bad as some I’ve seen on that TV show promo).

So I have a new plan, do the big jobs a little at a time, but work on them consistently. I’ll get finished before I die and if I don’t no one will say anything to me and who cares what they say to each other?

Today is the last day of my vacation. I may repot some flowers. I may play with my computers and kittens. I will do the necessary things. I may even start to clean up some of the clutter that’s bugging me. Other than that…I’m going to enjoy the day.

Because in 100 years, who will know the difference?