I’ve been listening to podcasts lately. I operate machines where I work and podcasts on my MP3 player help pass the time. I’ve been listening to Pagan podcasts.

Listening to the podcasts is showing me just how much superficial, new age rhetoric has infiltrated the Pagan scene. This disturbs me.

One of the podcasters has started a “Pagan Enough” movement. Apparently some are not accepted because they do not dress in pagan garb, or look witchy enough at gatherings or maybe even in daily life. A dress code for Pagans? Aren’t there enough serious topics to cover without worrying about a dress code?

Other podcasters argue about the Wiccan Rede in a way that indicates a complete lack of understanding of the Rede and its meaning. One even stated that the first verses of the Rede were senseless because the real meaning was in the last few words: “An it harm none, do what ye will.”

Another annoying thing some of the podcasters do is talk with the sing-song voice and tone of a stoned New Ager. Get a grip and speak normally. You do not sound powerful or witchy speaking in a breathless manner. You sound weak and ineffectual. It isn’t impressive to an old Crone like me.

One lady, a Southerner like myself, has no informative content. Another, a very young man who thinks his college education gives strength to his words, interlaces too much politics into his spiritual podcast.

On the other had, some of the podcasts are very good. I enjoy listening to Pagan FM Radio and The Infinite and the Beyond. The podcasters on these shows are knowledgeable and present very enjoyable shows. These shows and many more can be found on Podcast Alley under the religion and spirituality category.

I plan to keep listening to the podcasts, even the ones I don’t agree with. As a solitary Wiccan it provides me a way to say in touch with the community and see just what is going on out there.

If you know of a Pagan podcast I should check out, leave me a message in the comments section of this post. I’ll be happy to give it a listen.

Blessed Be.