The summer night sounds drift through my window as I wait for my hair to dry enough to go to bed. My husband is sleeping and the sound of the hair dryer would most certainly wake him.

I love the sounds of a summer night. so much activity going on in the darkness while humans and animals sleep. The small night creatures of yards, gardens and woodlands are active; singing their songs of summer.

Have you noticed that these night sounds change as the summer nights grow longer as we head into autumn? I hear you saying, “Autumn?!", it is summer and we are having a heat wave.”

Well, my friend, no matter how hot the days are or how warm the nights, the days are growing shorter and it will soon be autumn. As the nights grow longer and different small creatures begin their song the night sounds change. Listen for yourself.

As a country girl, I’ve listened to the change many times. It makes me sad, for it reminds me that the Wheel is about to turn yet again.

While I love all seasons, spring and summer are my favorites. The night sounds I hear tonight tell me, without a doubt, that they are drawing to a close. And they bring back memories of when I was younger.

Memories of me as a child, catching fireflies and carefully placing them into a mason jar my Daddy held for me.

Memories of midnight motorcycle rides.

Memories of campfires and gatherings where the night sounds were a backdrop for tall tales and laughter around the campfire.

Memories of Vision Quests, and soul searching, and crying out to the Moon when all things seemed for naught.

Now I hear the night sounds of summer and wonder at all those summers past, how each year has crowded into the next. Time moves with light speed as one grows older. Soon I will hear the sounds of autumn and smell the crisp smell of falling leaves. Then will come the winter winds howling across the sky. And, finally, the sounds of that group of night creatures who sing in the spring.

The Wheel turns endlessly. Each season of the turn brings its own sounds.

Listen. The Mother is speaking.