I’ve been Pagan all my life, although for many years I didn’t have a name for my spiritual feelings. Many years ago I discovered Wicca and have been a solitary Wiccan ever since. When I discovered Wicca I had an intense feeling of coming home spiritually.

Over the past few years, however, I have felt a longing to learn more.

As they often will, the gods sent me subtle messages that I should turn my attention to Druidry. They were spaced far apart at times, and I did not heed them other than to think it was an interesting path. In time the hints and pushes became such that I couldn’t ignore them any longer.

The first question was would I study the Druid path alone, as I had Wicca, or join a Druid organization? After some reading and soul searching I decided that on this quest I would join an organization. I started researching various Druid groups. Some were dismissed quickly. Others required more thought. I narrowed the field to two groups.

At that point I became torn between these two Druid organizations. Which should I join? Which had teachings I would be in tune with? It was a never-ending battle inside my heart and soul as I pondered each groups web site.

The first group I considered is the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. Headquartered in England they are the oldest of the groups I considered.  One drawback to OBOD is that their training course is a bit expensive. Another is that, since I will not fly, it would be impossible to attend their gatherings.

The second group I considered is Ár nDraíocht Féin. ADF was founded by the late Isaac Bonewits and is headquartered  in the United States. Their gatherings are miles from my home, but the prospect of attending is not out of the question (I could drive). Membership is reasonable.

I thought and thought and I meditated. I repeated the process.

Finally I decided to join Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF). I did so over the weekend and and am now awaiting my training materials.

Did I choose correctly? I think I did, at least for now. Neither group has any problem with a member belonging to the other group and I may eventually join OBOD as well. I have noticed many who have dual memberships and I feel it would give a more balanced perspective to undertake both avenues of training.

Have I forsaken Wicca? Not at all. A Druid can have any other religious faith they wish, as being a Druid is another thing entirely. At least, as a neophyte, that’s how I understand it. If I am wrong, I will correct the misstatement in a future post.

I stand poised to undertake a new journey that I will share with those who read these pages. Hang on. It could be an interesting ride.

Blessed Be.