It has been an emotional month for me. Upheaval included not-so-good news regarding my husband’s health, followed in a few days by the sudden death of my cat Amy, and closed out with the diagnosis of intestinal cancer in my elderly cat, Lisa. Woven into this tapestry the “normal” day-to-day trials and tribulations of life in general have not made it any better.

This afternoon, my Samhain alter is set up, complete with pictures of Amy. She is still missed. A pushy cat, she managed to be in the center of each activity I undertook. Her life was short, only 3 1/2 years, but she put years of living into every moment. I know why now. . . she knew her stay was to be short and made every day count.

Tonight after the trick-or-treat crowd have come and gone, I will light my candles and celebrate Samhain.

The spirits of ancestors, loved ones, pets and familiars will gather around me to comfort and guide me along my path.

The Wheel will click another turn. Spinning as we watch the night sky and await the winter winds.

Maybe I will get one more glimpse of Amy from the corner of my eye, as she races past to join those who also await me across the veil.