All-in-all, 2010 wasn’t as bad as some years. For instance 2008 was hell-on-wheels, ripping through our lives with a vengeance. That year my husband had three amputations, almost died from a bacterial infection, and then nearly bled to death from taking blood thinners that were supposed to be saving his life. To add insult to injury, some we thought were friends disappeared like ghosts exposed to daylight, and we found ourselves with only our core family members and a couple of true friends for emotional support.

With that to compare to, 2010 was not too bad. Sure, the economy tanked and I feared for my job just like everyone else. National politics and all the crazy actions by our lawmakers drove me nearly insane. Chronic illness among my cats and the death of one have worried and hurt me. BUT, I have not made those mad dashes to the emergency room and I have not paced the waiting room floor while more surgery was done on my beloved husband.

However, 2010 was the year I started a slow crash and burn. Knowing, but in denial, I slid into depression and anxiety to a point of making an emergency room trip of my own. Life can be difficult caring for an amputee. Slowly but surely; caretaking, job responsibilities, the house and gardens became “too much”. Formerly joyful things lost their appeal as lethargy set in. In depression, each day becomes like the next as you go through the motions and get things done on autopilot. Eventually it becomes nearly impossible to get them done at all.

Thankfully, I have a great doctor who has gone through the last years with me and, once consulted, started helping me feel better. I am feeling more like myself now. Thank goodness!

As I write, we are on our first day of 2011. I have been blessed today by a surprise visit from my eldest son. Always a joy to see, he brings a breath of fresh air into the cottage when he visits. He is an animal lover and all the animals except the shyest await their turn for a petting as he talks to “Pop” and me. If this surprise visit was an omen, then 2011 will be a very good year.

So, goodbye, 2010. You could have been worse. Welcome, 2011. Lets journey through the next weeks and months and see what you hold in store. Its all about the journey after all.

Be Blessed.