Reading and writing have always been a huge part of who I am. Journals and notebooks full of my thoughts have been filled and carried along with me from place to place since I was very young. One diary with details of my first love lies forever out of reach. It was thrown into a dry well when I was a teenager and that first love went sour. Destroyed because my boyfriend had moved on and (mainly) so my mother would never read it.

My library has grown to consume huge amounts of space because I can’t seem to part with any book. Topics range from mundane cookbooks to history and religion. There are books on gardening, minerals, gemstones, food storage, herbs, and poetry. There are novels and technical manuals.

When my children were small, I told them that if they learned to read nothing would be out of their grasp. Whatever you want to learn about is somewhere in a book, waiting for your eyes and brain to absorb the knowledge.

Nowadays, the options for learning by reading have increased a thousand fold due to the internet. The potential for learning is mind boggling.  Likewise, the potential for writing, sharing your knowledge and opinions, has grown with the internet. To me, this is the greatest thing it offers. Those who want to see their thoughts go out to others can write a blog and reach their audience.

As for me, I still keep adding to my book collection.

And the journals are still increasing, although slower since I started blogging my thoughts.