The holidays are officially over for me today. After a series of long weekends, its back to the normal 5 and 6 day weeks we’ve grown accustomed to at my workplace. I will miss these lazy, unstructured days I’m sure. Still, it will be good to see my co-workers and share holiday stories.

Did I accomplish my “to do” list while I had time off? No. It seems I never do. Did I make any New Years Resolutions? No. Why make a promise you can’t (won’t) keep? Did I enjoy myself? Yes. I spent time with my husband and family. I spent quality time with our cats and little dog. I did everything at my own pace, no rushing to beat a clock or deadline.

One thing those days off did for me was make me look more longingly into the future and retirement. Whether I retire early at 62 (doubtful) or at full retirement age, having my days free to do as I liked made retirement look good.

Those thoughts aside, today there is a clock to watch, time constraints, and deadlines. So, its back to the daily grind. I have also taken up the Post-a-day Challenge WordPress tossed out to their bloggers. So, for better or worse, this blog will be more active. The quality of the content is NOT guaranteed.

Please bare with me as I try to get the gears oiled and moving in my tired old brain and write a post a day this year. If you have taken the challenge too, let me know. I’d like to see what you are talking about each day.

Be Blessed.