I undertook to do the post-a-day challenge. It soon became evident that I was not going to make it, so changed to the post-a-week challenge. Its just more my speed.

We in North Carolina experienced the Ice Crone’s wrath Monday and are still digging/thawing out. I missed two days of work. Some folks missed even more. The school systems are trying to plan how to make up the excessive snow days. Snow and ice are so disruptive. They make me go into panic mode if I so much as have a fleeting thought of driving anywhere. I’m from South Carolina, where there is even less snow; I blame my phobia on that.

The sun is out and melting the snow from the roads. It will refreeze tonight, but I will drive slowly on my return from work. Until it all melts, the beauty is breathtaking. Snow disguises the clutter and mess. It shows the landscape in an entirely new and wondrous perspective. 


I heard on the news today that all states have snow – except Florida. I’m sure those of us who have so much of the white stuff would be willing to share.