A Plan In Action

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I saw an attorney today and after looking over my paperwork, he assured me that I was correct. He also assured me that it could and would be taken care of. It will be about two weeks until we can really move forward, but, I was told to stop worrying, stop losing sleep, and to stop being stressed, that it was going to be okay.

It still hasn’t completely sunk in yet, but I’m getting there on the calm down thing. Thanks to all for bearing with these last few crazy posts.


A Plan

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After spending the best part of yesterday pulling out bankers boxes from the basement and going through reams of saved papers, I found most of what I was looking for.

I learned that my gut feeling is correct, there is something amiss in a contract I’m under. Armed with this information, I know I have to call a lawyer and let someone other than me handle it from here on out. I’ll be setting that appointment up tomorrow.

Now for the hard part. I have to tell my brain to let it go, stop obsessing, stop the anxiety and depression, stop worrying. I’m finding that almost impossible to do, and yet, I must.

One day next week I will turn the mundane, physical evidence over to a contract lawyer. Today I have to turn the mental, spiritual part of my anguish at being cheated over to the Goddess and God.

Late Night Blogging. . .Again

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I am a morning person by nature. However, for the last ten years I have worked “second” shift, those hours from mid-afternoon until around midnight and thus am often up and about while others sleep. Right now I have some personal worries which I won’t discuss here. Enough to say they are distracting me during most of my waking hours and especially while I’m at work.

While I know deep down inside that all will work out, I still have my tendency to obsess over things and worry over things until my brain speeds along at thousands of miles per hour going over and over the same internal conversation. These are the times I fear for my sanity (if I ever had any). 

An old friend of mine used to call this “the paralysis of analysis.” He had it right, for when my brain kicks into anxiety mode and tries to analyse every detail of what might happen and when, I may as well be paralysed.

So tonight as ready myself for a few hours sleep, I’m asking the Goddess, God and Creator to aid me in putting my restless mind to rest and let me decide on a plan of action and then act on it without this constant droning of circling thoughts.

May all my readers be blessed in all that they undertake to do. Bright Blessings to all.

Midnight Musings

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Life has been busy and full of little things to do lately that have soaked up much of my time. Add to that the fact that old age is catching up to me in leaps and bounds and you have a recipe for letting my writing time disappear.

So, here I sit in the middle of the night at my keyboard with nothing earth shattering to say. No profound words of wisdom, no brilliant insights, nothing.

In my little world tonight I’m unhappy about the state of our beautiful country and uneasy with our current leaders. I am concerned for my job and the jobs of millions of others in the United States. I am worried about one of my on-line friends who is under a lot of emotional stress.

I worry about my children as they struggle to make ends meet, walking in my footsteps as they take on more and more to get by.

I feel I have accumulated too much clutter, physical and emotional. I’m trying in my own haphazard way to sort that out in my mind first, before I tackle it on the physical plane.

I am faced with the feeling of having so much I want to do and contribute and that I’m giving out of time. I see the days growing shorter and morn in advance for the passing of summer. The days, months and years seem to pass with increasing speed as I grow older. I feel the Ice Crone’s breath at my back. I dare not turn around to look.

No, I am not ill, nor in impending bad health. Nothing wrong but arthritis and feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all at times. Nothing we all don’t face in these times. But for now, I’ll call it a day, sleep, and wake to start the dance again.

Bright Blessings.

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