As of today this blog has been in existence for 3 years.

Three years!! Wow!!

My life has changed since I started blogging. Much of it wasn’t put in the blog, but some items are worth mentioning. I’m sure I’ll probably leave out something important.

In the last three years I have:

  • Gotten much fatter in a direct response to a) Michelle Obama’s attempts to make me slim and trim and b) my turning into a computer addicted couch potato. (Mainly B)
  • Rescued 2 elderly cats and cared for them until they passed away
  • Had a young cat, who was born here, die of heart disease
  • Reconnected with my sweet Granddaughter and developed a relationship with her, her husband and two daughters (Yes, Walks Alone is a great grandmother)
  • Looked after my dear husband, who remains willing to put up with me
  • Renewed my interest in sewing and knitting – things I learned to do while very young
  • Decided I will never be able to retire
  • Bought a Kindle Fire (I’m in love)
  • Kept on keeping on

I wonder what the next three years, or even this year will bring?