Having ended 2013 with a trip to the doctor for a lingering cough that turned out to be broncitis,  I was ready to start the new year in the hopes of things going smoother. I’m taking care of the medical issues 2013 dumped on me. Going to get healthier and do better in the new year.

“Not so fast” said the little cloud that’s been following me around of late. “There’s more in store for you, old girl.”

I was feeling much better this afternoon and attacked some kitchen chores with gusto. I felt so good I got careless.

One itty-bitty wrong move while washing one of those super-duper will cut anything ceramic knives and suddenly there was blood flowing from my finger. “Oh (insert swear word here)”.

Hours later, the wound does not want to give up bleeding at the slightest opportunity. My husband is frustrated because I didn’t go somewhere and get stitches. And the finger is sore. Really sore.

I’ll be OK. Hubby will have another example of my “bull – headedness, and my kids will roll their eyes… again.