I didn’t write much this summer. Nowhere. Not even e-mails. I seldom tweeted.

I attempted to grow tomatoes and peppers on our deck. I bought new pots, potting soil and fertilizer. I kept them watered. They grew beautifully. Then blight hit the tomato plants and killed them before I could harvest a single luscious fruit. Drat!!!

The peppers fared better and we had a nice crop to add to many meals. Yummy!

Another thing I did this summer, and continue to do, is knit. I hadn’t knitted in years. I learned as a child from my 6th grade teacher. She taught those girls who wanted to learn each day during recess. 

Over the summer,I’ve made sweaters for my little dog and a shawl for myself: I was surprised at how easily my fingers remembered the task and how quickly my skill returned.

IMAG0507 My shawl

I’m working on a multicolored sweater now. It’s about half finished. I’ll post a picture once its finished.

Summer is over and my fingers have relearned an old skill. I wonder if my brain can relearn the skill of writing and posting blog posts? We’ll see.