Obama 12 Days of Christmas

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American Thinker: Obama’s War on Fox & Half the Country

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This pretty much sums up how I feel. Short post I know, but I’m tired and its late.

American Thinker: Obama’s war on Fox & half the country.

Doesn’t The Obama Administration Have Some REAL Wars to Worry About?

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I’ll admit, I’m a fan of Fox New. Our television stays tuned to Fox during most of the day. I’m telling you this because I may be just a wee bit biased in my comments.

During the election campaign of 2008, my husband and I became very disillusioned by the one-sided reporting done by ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC. We are both news junkies, and our television watching included a lot of channel jumping; especially between cable news channels if something was happening. The words, “This just in” and “Breaking News” was sure to get our undivided attention. Then we would channel hop to get a well-rounded account of the event.

The Obama campaign gave us both a strange queasy feeling. Something didn’t feel right. No, we aren’t racist. We had wished at one time that Colin Powell would run for president. We felt he would be a good man for the job. No, it wasn’t racism. It was something else, best described as a feeling of impending doom. When the mainstream media reporters began having tingling feelings down their legs, and waxing orgasmic in their glowing reports of then candidate Obama; we bailed and stuck with Fox. We did not want to hear the cheering of a fan club; we wanted news. We wanted facts.

We wanted to know who this Obama guy was, what he believed in, who were his associates, what was his background. Most importantly, what qualified him to be the leader of our nation? ON Fox News, we found reporters who were doing their best to answer our questions. We didn’t like the answers.

Fast forward to today. I came home from work to find several news articles forwarded to me about the Obama Administration “declaring war on Fox News”. It was a strange choice of words so I began reading the articles.

An article on the Fox News web site has the following as stated by Anita Dunn, White House communications director, on CNN:

“What I think is fair to say about Fox — and certainly it’s the way we view it — is that it really is more a wing of the Republican Party,” said Anita Dunn, White House communications director, on CNN. “They take their talking points, put them on the air; take their opposition research, put them on the air. And that’s fine. But let’s not pretend they’re a news network the way CNN is.”

This statement came after the White House had begun using its government blog to criticize Fox News.

I guess this does mean the war of words that has gone on between the Obama Administration, and Obama himself, against Fox News is going to continue to escalate.

But aren’t there two other wars that really should be getting some attention?

Mr. President, if I could be so bold. . . why aren’t some of your strategic planning sessions devoted to the wars, (the real fighting kind) that are going on as I write, in Iraq and Afghanistan? Why are you wasting energy lashing out at a news organization when you should be speaking out against terrorists’ and the Taliban? All the ink being spilled over your petty feud with Fox News means nothing when weighed against the blood of one US soldier spilled in either of these armed conflicts. What are you thinking?!

If Fox News is not a “legitimate” news organization it will collapse on its own without any input from you or your spokespeople. The wars will continue forever with more and more American soldiers lost unless you start devoting your time and effort in listening to your generals and following their advice.

Mr. President; grow up! The country is in dire straits, and a petty playground war of words with a news agency makes you and your administration look like the amateurs you are.

More information on the latest war can be found at:

Fox News

The 9.12 Project

And all over the internet.

Now I’ve Heard It All!


I woke up this morning to learn that President Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize. Nominations for the prize had to be filed by February 1st.

On February 1st, President Obama had only been President of the United States for ten days. Think about it: ten days. What had he done up until that time? He had been a lawyer for a corrupt organization (ACORN) and community organizer. He had been a state legislator for Illinois, and a US Senator for less than a full term; the majority of that term being spent running for President.

The Nobel Prize was awarded for: “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples” Okay. What does this mean? Did he get it because he is not George Bush? Is it a consolation prize for not getting the Olympics for Chicago?

In my opinion, Obama has done nothing to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. He has done nothing for “peace” except spout forth the rhetoric of peace.

Was the procrastination on Afghanistan because of the upcoming Peace Prize vote? If so, how many of our young men and women died or were injured so his ego could be stroked yet again? Will he commit to sending more troops now? Or will our ‘peaceful’ president withdraw from Afghanistan?

Maybe he won the prize for his systematic dismantling of the United States. Maybe it is because he is ‘changing’ our nation into a copy of European nations. Maybe that’s why they thought him worthy of such an honor.

I don’t think he deserves any prize. None! He is an abomination to the very principles our nation was founded on and will lead us down the path to financial, moral and ethical ruin.

News reports say President Obama says he is “humbled” by the award. Right! If this is true it is the first time in his life he has felt humility. This prize is only food for his already over-sized ego and narcissistic self-image.

Presidential Trip To Denmark Was NOT Cheap For Taxpayers.

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We all know that the Chicago Dream Team failed to bring home the Olympic Gold this week. Among my factory worker friends, this was great news. We had spent several break-time conversations trying to figure out why this was more important than the economy, straightening out the health care debacle, the war, and the multitude of other problems we face.

When the news came down this morning that not only did the Dream Team fail to persuade the OTC, they didn’t even make the first cut; we cheered.

More sobering to us and other Americans is the staggering cost of the trip to Copenhagen. According to a Congressional study conducted in 2006; it costs$56,518 an hour to fly the reconfigured Boeing 747 that is Air Force One. The Pentagon puts the cost higher (and they should know) at $100,210 per hour to fly Air Force One without the President on board. The cost is even higher when he is aboard due to additional staff, support and maintenance.

Based on these figures, the trip to Copenhagen and back, which lasted 14 hours, cost the American taxpayers a staggering $790,000 to $1.4 million. That’s more taxpayer money per hour than most American families make in a year! And, it doesn’t even include the cost of flying the second plane round trip to Copenhagen so the First Lady and her group could visit the IOC.

Giving the President credit, he did take a few minutes (very few-about 25 minutes) to meet with Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, his top Afghan war commander. Given Obama’s habit of hogging the conversation (just watch his news conferences); I’m sure General McChrystal didn’t get to say very much during that 25 minutes.

Now that we have this important business out of the way; maybe, just maybe Obama will get off the stump and get down to the business of governing the country. I’m not betting on it though.

Obama Going To Demark To Make Pitch For Olympics

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According to the Associated Press, President Obama is going to Denmark to make a sales pitch to the Olympic Committee for the 2016 Olympics to be held in Chicago. Chicago Mayor Richard Daley says he’s honored that both President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will head to Copenhagen in support of Chicago’s bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics.

I’m thrilled. Anytime the Celebrity-In-Chief is out of the country is a good thing. Of course, we the taxpayers will be footing the bill for Barack and Michelle’s latest global jaunt. Wouldn’t a phone call have done as well? Or a letter hand delivered by our Ambassador to Denmark?

It seems to me that matters of state can be damned if the Obama’s get a chance to fly on their private jet to see another part of the world. Of course, he doesn’t attend to matters of state anyway. He is too busy seeking out his adoring fans. Denmark. Hmm maybe there is one European country he hasn’t alienated, yet.

What Does Race Have To Do with It?

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By now everyone in the country has hear about SC Republican Representative Joe Wilson’s shout out of “You Lie” to President Obama during his address to a joint session of Congress. Some applaud his outburst while some condemn it. Rep. Wilson almost immediately apologized to the President and the apology was accepted. End of story, right?

Congressional leaders have decided Rep. Wilson’s direct apology to Obama isn’t good enough and are demanding he apologize to Congress as well for his uncivilized behavior. Meanwhile the Left is digging in the dumpsters to see what dirt or improprieties they can find on Rep Wilson. That much I think we all expected.

What I didn’t expect was the charge of racism leveled at Rep Wilson Friday by black newspaper editors and publishers.

“As African-American newspaper publishers we stand in solidarity with the NAACP and fully support the economic boycott of South Carolina,” NNPA Chairman Danny J. Bakewell Sr. said. “Rep. Wilson’s remarks were racist, disrespectful, and a disingenuous violation — not only of President Obama — but to the institution of the presidency and only solidified our position and the importance in not spending black dollars where black people are not respected.

“The continued public and blatant disrespect of President Barack Obama by members of Congress will not be rewarded with our dollars nor will a state that continues to uphold America’s shameful past by flying the Confederate flag,” he added.

Why didn’t I expect the drawing of the race card? I didn’t expect it because it wasn’t about race! Rep Wilson just blurted out the exact same comment so many of us were shouting at our television sets at that very moment.

I thought the Obama presidency was the shining example of how racism was a thing of the past. I think many Americans voted for Obama to show the world we were no longer a racist nation. I think we screwed up. The Obama Administration and its cohorts have cried racism almost every single day since the election. I don’t think I’ve heard this many accusations of racism since I was attending middle school during the integration years.

Somebody tell me, what does a man blurting out his innermost belief, based on facts, that another man is lying, racism? What does race have to do with the fact that the administration is going to ram healthcare reform down our throats? Why is it racism to believe we have a corrupt leadership in place that will lie, misinform, and ignore the will of the people?

Somebody tell me. Explain it to me as to a child if necessary, because I just don’t get it and I don’t like it. A differing opinion is not racism. Have we forgotten the meaning of the word?

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