Oh Great Mother, hear my prayer!
You who are known by many names,
Known and unknown,
Remembered and forgotten.
Hear me.

Look down upon your daughter,
See my face as I worship you.
Hear my voice as I sing your praises,
Reach down and touch my heart.

Raise me up to the mountain-tops,
Send my anguish flying on the Four Winds.
Ease my soul with your kiss,
And surround me with your loving arms.

Oh Great Mother!
Give me strength to continue this journey.
Lead me to the path I should follow,
Grant me wisdom to make right decisions.

Lady of the Moon!
Walk with me in the garden this night,
Tell me of Avalon and the mists.
Teach me the skills I need to carry on.

Crone of Wisdom!
Let me learn of your ways,
That in endings. . . are beginnings.
That warmth follows the cold winds of strife.

Blessed Be.