We were deluged with rain the other week. I kept an eye out for basement leaks like we’ve had in the past and can happily report there were none.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the water gods weren’t out to get me. They just left the cottage alone this time.

After driving to work in pouring rain and paddling my way inside I thought I was home free. I was. For a few hours.

Then there was a crash and splat just beyond my work table.


After re-purposing a recycling can into a leak catcher I proceeded to mop up the water, gather up the soaked ceiling tile and resume doing my job. Until round two of the attack of the rain gods.




Back to the storage area for the mop and bucket. Mop. Pick-up ceiling tile. (Gee, I’m getting good at this.)

Take a break. Now back to work.

But wait!


There’s more!

That last one actually hit the edge of my work table and woke me up. How rude!

Of course by then the ceiling wasn’t looking so good.


Please note the bulging moisture barrier. It had to be “popped” the next day and reportedly contained many gallons of rain water.

I wouldn’t know. After the last mopping session I took advantage of quitting time and got the heck out of Dodge, so to speak. Oh and when I drove home; the rain had finally stopped.